the people’s sport

With the World Cup come and gone, it’s natural to reminisce about its glory. France won the title, much to chagrin of a powerful Croatia. Their breadth and flexibility of skills also made them one of the more fruitfully consistent, and therefore dominant, teams of the tournament. The French team reflects a multi-level diversity. Their … Continue reading the people’s sport


is it a sport?

Watching people do things that I could only do in imagination is the lure of the Olympic Games. There is no doubt in the athletes’ abilities, but I have wondered whether some events are truly “sport”. One wary of labels and their confounds may fume over this thought. But the fabrics of sport and art … Continue reading is it a sport?

second place sadness

No one strives for second best. Even those who know their abilities elude a podium finish never train with a second place wish. That is the most pitiful approach to training. The saddest spot on that podium is the second-place stage. Do not apply basic logic to this situation; second place should be great, much … Continue reading second place sadness

can you dope with coffee?

Coffee’s special powers are discovered early in life. Due to its legality and ubiquity, coffee has grown into an uncontested fixture of modern life. Coffee tantalizes the senses, with avid coffee drinkers seeking its sumptuous aroma and smooth taste. Of course, coffee, via its caffeine, also offers some other obvious benefits. Are these gains grounds … Continue reading can you dope with coffee?

when being a good sport is wrong

Protests are public pleas protecting or creating common good. This common good varies among communities and individuals, which is why protests appear disturbing to some. Burning rigid representations onto things makes one ignorant of the multiplicity that all things convey. As people ignore the cries for help and demands for change, a malicious functional fixedness … Continue reading when being a good sport is wrong