spitting for sport

Spitting is a repugnance. Sometimes we see someone slosh saliva as they eat, or sometimes, people purposefully hurl wet globs onto the sidewalk. Whatever it may be, it’s not something I’d stretch to witness. It may be a cultural preference or my meandering dogma, but I find it an unpleasant act. I was recently reminded … Continue reading spitting for sport


thinking a breakdown

I admire people who can move with grace and beauty. Like a ballerina who floats through the room or a sprinter who runs with tight precision, their agile movements are spellbinding. (My movements cannot be described with the same energy, but being able to waddle through rush hour crowds is good too) Both the ballerina … Continue reading thinking a breakdown

how to be great in 10000 hours or less

Most of us want to be great at something. It's a simple desire but its execution is obscured by complexities. Some people religiously believe in innate ability over nurtured talent.  Others are more hopeful in self-determination and conclude that people can become great through their own hard work.  I like the idea of the latter, … Continue reading how to be great in 10000 hours or less