Canada in Australia

Border disputes arise over ambiguously assigned territories. A country is only a country if someone says so and that someone has disciples. Countries are not predetermined, no matter what one’s national anthem solicits. Nor are they grafted into stone by the forces of nature. Nature disregards our stakes and trills for power, showing us time … Continue reading Canada in Australia

a shocking sneeze

Sneezing is an odd, useful way for the body to remove irritants. Anyone with allergies or a cold in vogue will also feel the incredible frustration over serial sneezing. Big sneezes are enough to shock our neighbours and disrupt any quiet once gathered. Bigger sneezes can rupture your throat. The sneeze that broke Recently, a … Continue reading a shocking sneeze

thinking a breakdown

I admire people who can move with grace and beauty. Like a ballerina who floats through the room or a sprinter who runs with tight precision, their agile movements are spellbinding. (My movements cannot be described with the same energy, but being able to waddle through rush hour crowds is good too) Both the ballerina … Continue reading thinking a breakdown

wearing a cape at work

Casual Fridays see their fair share of odd outfits, but costume capes are still a rare sight. They are not appropriate office attire and management won’t shudder to send a cape-wearer to HR for education. There are exceptions, though, like when the boss makes you wear one. Why are they wearing capes? Capes, like the … Continue reading wearing a cape at work

it’s just a UFO

UPDATE Jan 9 2018: Please check the UPDATE below (SPOILER) Something was in the sky last night. While many were out stargazing on the red carpet, something was launched into the sky. If this sounds cryptic, then you’re right. This thing is cryptic. Its purpose is unknown to the general public. What do we know? … Continue reading it’s just a UFO