what is othertrove?

What is this site?  othertrove is a collection of articles and posts exploring different questions, including:

How can we be happier?

How can we be stronger?

How can we get superpowers, without having a rare radioactive spider assault me?

How to use this site?  The posts are organized into different categories.  Most categories are self-explanatory or guessable.

who is othertrove?

Writer: T.G.W. (oh gosh, initials!)

Who am I?  Freelance writer, infinite ways.

What I do?  I create.  I write.  It’s a very simple thing to say (or write), but it best sums up why I started this site.

Contact me if there is something you’d like me to discuss on this site or if you want to contribute.

Comments are encouraged.


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Respect this authorship and this ownership.

Thank you.