Cold weather aside, some people feel cold all the time. Common causes include sitting in a poorly insulated house, having a medical condition or wallowing in cynicism.  Some feel fine with the cold, while others perceive it as pain and become frenetic in their quest to escape the frigid feeling.  For the latter, it would be wise to introduce warm, fuzzy items in your closet and your mind.

If not an environmental issue, but a medical one, a visit to the doctor’s can clarify your unique metabolic needs. A quick search on the Internet will give you sufficient reason for alarm.

If it is an environmental one, whether natural or artificial, some investigative work needs to be done to find the cause of the cold. A natural source is the cold climate lingering in the neighbourhood (though, who knows if it’s entirely natural).  Either moving or wearing warmer clothing will help.

An artificial source of cold is perpetual air conditioning at the office. This is a familiar complaint among half the staff, historically women, who work in uncomfortably cold temperatures. There is some research in this sex-based difference in heat production and perception, with a study saying men feel warmer than women due to their increased height and muscle content. Pair this finding with a patriarchy, and it explains why many women feel cold in a man-made environment.

Cold feelings come and go, and it’s up to the individual to determine if they are tolerable.  So, find the root of your cold as a step in your self care.

Or, wear warm, fuzzy items and pretend it’s not there.


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