UPDATE Jan 9 2018: Please check the UPDATE below (SPOILER)

Something was in the sky last night.

While many were out stargazing on the red carpet, something was launched into the sky. If this sounds cryptic, then you’re right. This thing is cryptic. Its purpose is unknown to the general public.

What do we know?

Besides for the obvious why, there are a few details we do know.

  • The rocket’s codename is Zuma,
  • This is an unmanned rocket launched by the aerospace company, SpaceX, contracted by a global security group, Northrop Gruman, for an unidentified US government agency
  • Part of the launch was webcast live, a gracious move to compensate for its peculiarly classified nature.
  • Zuma is for a low-Earth orbit, which has a peak of 1200 miles/2000 kilometres above the Earth; the International Space Station is also in this orbit, along with some weather and telecommunication satellites.

Who cares?

You don’t need to care. It’s just nice to know that things are being sent out into space without public awareness. I understand things need to be kept classified, and it should be for the safety of all peoples, but wouldn’t it be nice to know?   It’s only a forlorn hope if under a corrupt government.

Some guesses

  • Spy Satellite: This is an unsurprising hypothesis, but the details are lacking. For whom is this satellite operating and on whom is it spying? People are floating around the idea that this may just be another military communications satellite.
  • Mars Mission: SpaceX, and its owner, have an ambitious plan to move to Mars and this may be one of the pieces needed for establishing its feasibility.
  • Nothing: This could be an elaborate diversion from something more spectacular, or an empty mission to fulfil the SpaceX annual rocket launch quota. This is very unlikely.


What are your guesses? Do you care? These launches have become routine affairs but still require a lot of time, energy, and money. And we all know how much people care about energy.


UPDATE Jan 9 2018: UFO Zuma is assumed to have been destroyed after failing to reach its orbit, but one can never be too sure.


4 thoughts on “it’s just a UFO

    1. And to answer your questions real quick – I go from caring to not caring. Yes, it’s be nice to know, but some people might freak out, so things are held under wraps more often than not.


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