I stumbled across urban dictionary one day when I had to look up a word I didn’t know. That is what a dictionary is for after all, to look up words? But why did I use urban dictionary? Why not a standard, proper dictionary? For those of you who have perused this urban dictionary before, you know very well that it contains many terms reserved for colloquial space.

(Warning: It is not for the faint of heart)

I was not even checking a word. I was checking an emoji.   That is how hip with it I am.

Surprisingly, my typical google searches revealed to me that the engine was just as confused by this emoji as I. It was not an uncommon emoji; I already knew what it was used for, but I was curious to find out how its etymology and whether it really means what I thought it meant. Determined to find a solid explanation for this emoji, I consulted different reference texts, to little avail. I suddenly remembered this colourful dictionary and decided to check up the emoji there.

It was there.

There are plenty of regular, familiar terms in this database, but many of them seem to have different definitions attached to them too. I wouldn’t subscribe to their word of the day because of this startling multiplicity, but the dictionary does come through in situations like these. I give it a passing grade because it’s reliable for colloquial terms but some of their sentence examples are too grotesque for the polite public.

It started as a parody site and has transformed into a verified dictionary of its own. Fake it till you make it, as the saying goes.

Though, the saying might go a little differently on the urban dictionary.



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